SmarterMail 11.6 not delivering Undeliverable Messages
Question asked by Tim Watts - 2/25/2015 at 9:10 AM
I hope someone can help with the below.
We have a catchall account that is controlled through Smartermail (Enterprise 11.6) and then Popcon comes along and grabs all the mail from the catchall for delivery to a local Exchange server.
It has been noted that Undeliverable / NDR messages are not being received in Exchange.  I have checked the Popcon logs and they are not showing as being picked up by this either.
Checking the delivery logs in Smartermail does show that there are messages containing the word "undeliverable" being put through so for some reason they are not being forwarded across.  They do not appear to be dropping in to the Junk email folder either so they are vanishing somewhere...
Has anyone seen this before and got any ideas as to what could cause it?
Thanks in advance.
Tim Watts

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Steve Reid Replied
I believe this is because the system messages have no sending address. There is a setting in Exchange to override this behaviour. I don't know the exact setting though.

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