Changing Active Directory Usernames in SmarterMail
Question asked by Jim Vaden - 2/23/2015 at 8:49 PM
I'm planning a project to change all of our active directory usernames that sync up to one of our smartermail domains.
Our email addresses are different from the usernames, so we also have aliases to match the AD usernames.
For example:
Current AD and SM username - smi1234 (where 1234 = last four of social).
Current email address - roger.smith@mydomain.com
Current email alias address - smi1234@mydomain.com
Proposed AD and SM username - rsmith
Proposed email alias address - rsmith@mydomain.com (normal address will stay roger.smith@mydomain.com)
I know how to change in Active Directory and I know how to go in and rename the username and alias by modifying the XML files (http://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2737/rename-a-user-in-smartermail.aspx)
What I'm worried about is the aliases changing.  Even though my email address is roger.smith@mydomain.com, when i send out externally the end user gets smi1234@mydomain.com
Can I have both aliases for a AD username so those who saved my alias email address can still reach me AND so when users send out emails their new alias address shows.  The easiest thing is make the AD username match the SM username, then I can do away with my aliases altogether, but the purpose for the project is to make my AD/SM usernames match other enterprise applications.  Thanks!

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