Trying to add domain alias but MX ip address not found on server because NAT is in use
Question asked by Jeremy Wesley - February 19, 2015 at 9:44 PM
HI all i'm trying to add a domain alias but it tells me that the domains MX does not point to a ip address on the server.
We are using NAT so the server and the IP addresses shown in SmarterMail are internal IP addresses.
1. Did I miss something on how to associate the external IP in smarter mail? Is this required?
2. How am I support to get around this error message.
I know the MX is setup correctly because I had the domain setup as a regular domain then I discovered domain alias after the fact..
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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We are natted also, and our firewall does not handle loopback well. I had to setup a dns copy for all our domains and point them to the internal IPs. This way when Smartermail does an MX check it hits our internal DNS and gets the right IP.

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