Message Above Maximum Scanning Size, yet content scanning continues?
Question asked by Colton Morrison - 2/19/2015 at 11:05 AM
What I've read in the KB/help articles is that if a message is over the max scanning size, content scanning, including CommTouch/Cyren, is skipped. The below delivery report seems to say otherwise:
11:59:54 [48533] Delivery started for postmaster@frosei.us at 11:59:54 AM
12:01:24 [48533] Message exceeds maximum scanning size, skipping content based checks.
12:01:24 [48533] Spam check results: [SPAMCOP: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 2: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 3: passed], [_REVERSEDNSLOOKUP: passed], [_COMMTOUCH: 30,Confirmed]
12:01:29 [48533] Starting local delivery to user@removeddomain.com
What is happening here?
Thanks for any input.

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Hello Colton,
Thanks for your inquiry. Can you please confirm the version of SmarterMail that you have ? I'm not certain on why the Content Type spam checks are continuing after the message was detected to exceed the scanning size.  Please let me know if there are any other examples of this and we can review.  You may want to consider opening a Support Ticket for us to evaluate the details in the logs and the specific email that was scanned.
Thank You.
Colton Morrison Replied
Enterprise Version 11.7

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