12.3 Searching for existing mail by keywords does not return all viable results via Quick Search bar.
Problem reported by Aaron Eggleston - 8/20/2014 at 12:49 PM
An issue has been reported concerning the search function while in the mail inbox. Several messages exist within the Inbox folder and also have the keywords in the subject of the email as well as the FROM address and in the body of the email. When searching, these obvious matches are not returning as results. Instead, it shows two messages that have the keyword listed once.
.Is there a known issue with the search function not returning all results? This is the search bar option available above the message list, not the Advanced Search.

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Christopher Smith Replied
Having the same issue here on our side. Can't get at emails usually sent in the last three months or so which is strange but i haven't any time parameters set
Moty Engelmayer Replied
Same here. Advanced Search not returning any results. Could it be Windows 8 as OS the problem?
Aaron Eggleston Replied
My issue has been reported on Windows 7, so don't think its just an OS issue.

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