concerning cyren antispam
Question asked by Rajesh Mahadevan - 8/19/2014 at 4:51 AM
we are planning to use smartermail primarily for the antispam. had a few questions on this
we plan to use smartermail as a dedicated email server and wish to know about its performance when the user base is large
our server is hex core with 32 gb RAM
is anybody on this forum using cyren (formerly commtouch) antispam with an user base of around 3000 email ids per server.
i would gratefult if somebody could share their experience with me
thanks very much,

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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An install with 3000 users is fairly average in size.  Cryen will not add much overhead as it uses pattern matching and sends a very small pattern to the Cryen servers, where the comparison is done.  The hardware you have is more than enough for 3000 users.  You didn't mention anything about disk storage.  Be sure your using a RAID 10 configuration for your data drives and it would be best to have your OS and Spool on separate drives to avoid fragmentation and provide security and stability for the OS itself.
Tim Uzzanti
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Rajesh Mahadevan Replied

are you using cyren ?
how is the performance of cyren ? is the antispam effective ?


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