Mailbox Migration From Plesk?
Question asked by CCWH - February 13, 2015 at 2:18 PM
Hello all,
We have just taken on a client that has a Plesk (v11) VPS.  We will be migrating all websites along with 200+ mailboxes.
Before I start testing, as we do not know much about Plesk, is there any known issues with using the SM mailbox migration tool and Plesk?  I am guessing as Plesk is not specified we will need to choose 'other' and do each mailbox one at a time.

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we did our migration from plesk to smartermail. unfortunately, we had 2 different versions of plesks, 7.something and 11.something.
the one on 7.something didn't offer any form of migration tool, as such, we had to re-create accounts by exporting the email accounts to excel and then importing them to smartermail.
as for the 11.something, we did a migration and it was pretty smooth. in some cases where we couldn't do a direct transfer, we used imap migration to map the mailboxes from old mail server to the new set-up in smartermail.
Thanks. We did the IMAP migration in the end using the inbuilt tool. We created the empty mailbox and pulled in all emails, however the major flaw was that when the end user changed their email client config to point to the new server the client apps treated the mail as new.... So some users were pulling down 2000+ emails from the new mailbox....we will have to look for a different way for our next migration in!
how did you migrate from cPanel 11.52 to smartermail using the inbuilt tool.. i cant do it after many attempts.

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