Problem with instances of appointment series while using Sharepoint Sync
Problem reported by Holger Gerhardt - 2/10/2015 at 2:34 PM
Hi there,

we have a really strange behaviour of Outlook and SmarterMail if we integrate
SmarterMail Calendar as a SharePoint List in our Outlook (SharePoint Sync).

In detail: Everything works fine except that we cannot delete or change instances of appointment series (say we have a weekly meeting for 5 times on friday and want to delete the first entry).
The instance gets deleted in the local outlook profile (by user A) and everything seems to be fine.
But, on the server side (means the SmarterMail Webmail account) the instance of the appointment series is still there and every other user (call it user B) which has mapped the calendar is still having the instance-entry in his Outlook calendar.
It even gets worse if that other user B is changing the presumed deleted instance. In that case the instance is
coming up even on the outlook profile of user A who has initially deleted the item.

We can see on the SmarterMail Server side that the instance wasn't deleted and is still there.

That raises a few questions:

1. Is the function of deleting a instance of an appointment series (in Outlook) not supported through SmarterMail SharePoint Sync ?
2. Does anyone else faced that problem before and has found a solution to it (client or server side) ?

Some technical facts:

Using W2K12R2 Terminal Server with Outlook 2013
SmarterMail Calendar is integrated as a Sharepoint List by using the "Add to Outlook" function on the
SmarterMail Server side.

Any hint is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Holger,
Thanks for the information. You did not specify the version of SmarterMail that you have installed. Please let me know and I can look into this matter further. We have made some changes to the ActiveSync module in SmarterMail 13.x to better handle the calendar events but if there is an issue with the Add to Outlook with other email clients, ie. Outlook 2007 or 2010 client please let us know
Please update us so we can continue to look at this process.
Holger Gerhardt Replied
Hello Joe and thanks for your reply.
The SmarterMail Version is: 13.0.5430.
The issue occurs on Outlook 2013 Clients.
Please let me know if I can provide you with further details.
Thanks again.
Steve Reid Replied
It's good practice when experiencing problems to update to the latest version and test your issue again.
Holger Gerhardt Replied
That's exactly what we would do, if our Problem wouldn't occur on a third Party vendor platform. In other words: We cannot update to the newest Version of SmarterMail (if there is any), simply because we cannot do it. And yes: The third Party vendor is already informed about the Problem. Thanks anyway.

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