Event Details missing in Description after accepting meeting request.
Problem reported by Jeremy Wesley - February 9, 2015 at 11:10 AM
using v13,
I received Gotomeeting Ical attachments, the email system shows me the details not as an email but as a "special screen" I accept or decline and then it goes to my calendar. I can not find the email any more...
The problem is that when this happens, and I accept, the events details Does not include the gotomeeting information..
I have to go find the meeting info some where else that I know I can find it.
It does not happen with all invites just gotomeeting..  What gives?

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>> Some one at SM decided that after you accept or decline a meeting invite from an email invite that the email should be sent to the deleted folder, modifying the email so that an accept or decline can no longer be selected.<<
That has been the case for some time. And it's essentially awful. A real head-scratcher.

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