cloning messages on the same server
Question asked by Uwe Degenhardt - 2/4/2015 at 12:58 AM
I want to clone all contents of a mailbox on the same server on the same domain.
Let us say I want to clone messages from mailbox1@domain.com to mailbox2@domain.com (same smartermail server)
I have cloned/copied the inbox files already, but nothing happened

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Hello Uwe,
Thanks for the information. Are you trying to make a copy of the folder and then have the emails display on the second account ?  You may want to try to copy mail sent from one account to another.
The other option is to use the restore option built into the SmarterMail 13.x build. Depending on the term 'clone' or 'migrate' and combine emails between two accounts.
Uwe Degenhardt Replied
Hi Joseph, thanks ! Good to know. :-) That helped. Uwe

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