User unable to send E-mail to herself
Question asked by Robert Margerison - 2/3/2015 at 10:49 AM
I have a user who has listed herself in all her group lists and has always received a copy of the E-mail that she sends back. Suddenly this is no longer happening. It shows the E-mails were all sent successfully but she no longer receives it, while all the others do.
I sent a single E-mail from her account to her account and it shows as sent but she never receives it. I have also tried sending using CC and BCC but the results are the same. I have tested other accounts: sending to themselves and the E-mail comes right through.
There are no errors reported nor does she receive a message the the E-mail was undeliverable. Any Ideas?
Thanks, Bob

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Hi Bob,
Please take a look at the delivery logs to see what happens to the email.  You will find this when you login as the system admin and go to Manage | View logs.

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