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Question asked by Ygor Fernandes - 2/3/2015 at 7:47 AM
I have the following situation, I have some servers that I have the 11.7 version of SmarterMail installed, and noticed that sometimes some areas are no longer shown in the administration interface, but your data is still in the corresponding directory, then started to analyze the files XML and I could see that in most cases the fields are visible via the interface domainConfig file is blank, and so I have to climb the bkp file and restart the service, but have to keep restarting the service whenever this situation occurs is a nuisance because both are the other areas that are in the same server also affected, someone could tell me why this file lose its contents?

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Good day Ygor,
Thank you for the information. I'm not clear if there was any recent issues with the server being interrupted or abruptly restarted due to an update or system failure. We have observed in some situations that the userconfig.xml and possibly the domainlist.xml files become corrupt or malformed with incorrect data.
Please let us know if you had any difficulties with the server or if you interrupted the SmarterMail service and then rebooted the server as a consequence.
Thank You.
Ygor Fernandes Replied
Good morning Joseph,

We had no drop in mailserver service, even server failure or reboot. Since you mentioned the domainlist.xml and userconfig.xml files also have had cases where they lose their content.

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