Smarter Mail Mobile Email Fields Scroll Of The Page
Problem reported by Craig Severance - 8/4/2014 at 6:16 AM
When you use an android device the create new message interface requires you to put the cursor close to the very first TO: field before you can access the submit message button in the upper right corner. If you finish a message and leave the cursor in the message body you cannot gain access to the submit button long enough to submit it before it scrolls you back to cursor. Please fix this irritation.

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
What version of SmarterMail are you using and on what android device is this happening?
Antoine Temime Replied
Same problem here.
You cannot scroll the create new message form.
Once you have finished the body text, you cannot return to the top of the form where the send button is.
Smartermail version is 16.0.6390 device is Samsung galaxy S6 Android 7.0

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