Is there an easy way to change Active Directory usernames in SmarterMail
Question asked by Jim Vaden - 1/27/2015 at 12:12 PM
If we were to try and simplify things in our domain by matching our active directory logons with other applications to cut back on some confusion, how hard will it be to do so?
For example, Roger Smith currently has an AD username of smi1234 but we would like to change it to roger.smith or just rsmith.  Is SmarterMail smart enough to detect the change has been made?  Or does this require changing all the xml files pointed out in this link, which I use whenever someone's last name is changed:
Thanks ahead of time!
Jim Vaden

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Hello Jim,
Thanks for the information. Just to reconfirm, SmarterMail would not recognize or detect the changes automatically based upon the modifications made to Active Directory names. You would need to update the user directly in SmarterMail in order for the account details to update. You may follow the steps outlined in the article or choose to import the users again but keep in mind that these will be considered new accounts and not have any previous email associations.
Thank You.

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