Exclude folder from smarter stats
Question asked by Jon Eastwood - 8/1/2014 at 9:44 AM
Is there  away to exclude a folder from the stats for as site.
We have a admin area that we use on the site but don't want ANY pages from within it be included in the reports

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If you are looking to exclude a directory from being processed in SmarterStat you can do this.  Login as the domain admin and go to Settings | Site Settings | General Settings and click on Add and choose import filter.   Then from the Type drop down select "Exclude a Directory (and children)" and specify the path.  After you save it any data imported after adding this filter will not process this directory.  To have the older data apply this filter  you will ned to reprocess the logs.  To do this go to General settings and you will see a Reprocess button.  When you click on this SmarterStats will go though all the historical data and apply this filter set. 
Jon Eastwood Replied
Thanks Brian

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