Migration SmarterMail from version 11 to 13 in Windows Server 2012 R2
Problem reported by Michael Ruthardt - 1/25/2015 at 11:20 AM
I had a problem with the new version 13 of SamrterMail, I updated form version 11.5 on same same machine.
After installation the local webserver works perfectly with http://localhost:9998/login.aspx, but when I start der site, I defined in IIS (http://localhost/mail/login.aspx) it occured the simple error "server error in application".
I do not changed any properties in iis between version 11.5 and 13.
For migration I first uninstalled version 11.5 and then installed version13 in the same folder.
Thx for any suggestions

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Employee Replied
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Hello Michael,
Thanks for the inquiry about the SmarterMail 13.x installation. Can you please provide us a copy of the error log message from today ? The default location would be in the following folder:
[C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\MRS\App_Data\Logs]
If you would like to continue with this on our forum please update us on the details. If you prefer to submit a Support Ticket we can also review further in more depth and access your server configurations.
Thank you.
Michael Ruthardt Replied
Hello Joe,
thank you for your reply.
I tried the installation serveral times with different versions of SmarterMail (11,12,13), so I deleted the log folder again and again.
It was a strang situation, version 11 and 12 works fine, but every time when I updated to version 13 the site was runnig good on the WebServer which was delivered with SmarterMail on port 9998, but when I wanted to run the site on the IIS it fails.
My last try on Monday was to install version 13 with the MSI Installer and not with the Setup job and curiously now it works on the IIS too?
Di you have any idea why?
BR Micha
Sven Replied
I can commit this issue. Installing with the setup, smartermail cannot run as a iis site. Deinstalling and installing by msi, the webinterface is working on iis. The server is a new windows server 2012 r2, so i guess there might be a small bug.
Fred Jelk Replied
I can commit this issue, also. Its just working as an iis-site with the msi-package. With the exe-setup, it won't work as an iis-site. I have a Windows Server 2008 r2. See also: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a1320/solved-problem-mit-smartermail-12-and-13-on-win-server-2008-r2-with-iis.aspx

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