Where is the "Service Access" Panel?
Question asked by Michael - 1/23/2015 at 9:58 AM

Using SmarterMail 13.x Enterprise, I've been asked by a small domain to create an email retention policy, and have been given an administrative email for the domain.
When I go into settings, I see the tabs for: Options/User/Webmail/Compose/Forwarding/Throttling/Plus Addressing, but there is no "Service Access" to be found. Isn't this Service Access where one can choose POP3 vs. IMAP, etc. and choose how the mail is to be authenticated and routed?

I've never made an email policy before, but my thought was to make sure everyone is using IMAP and set mail to auto purge after x number of days unless the users proactively archive/save specific messages they want saved, which is what they want me to do.

Any insight as to where this panel is, as discussed in the help literature, would be appreciated.


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Hi Michael,
The Service Access tab will be available if the feature has been enabled for the domain. As the System Admin, click on the Domains icon. Then right click the desired domain and click Edit. On the Features tab you'll see an option for Control of Service Access. Checkmark this and save the domain. Now, as the Domain Administrator, when you edit or create a new user, you'll see a tab for Service Access. You can review more information about this tab in the Users help document.
I hope this helps! 
Michael Replied
Thank you Andrea. This helps a lot.

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