Problem with Role Permissions
Problem reported by Bernd Albert - 1/20/2015 at 12:37 PM
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i struggeling with the rolepermissions. I want to restrict the Knowledgbase for a Group of Agents.
So i created a own Role called Technicans and changed the FAQ from Ful lAccess to Custom.
If i save this, the FAQ butten is disappearing.
If i set any permission, no matter wich, the whole FAQ is visible for this user....
Please help :)

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Hello Bernd,
Thanks for the inquiry. Can you please confirm if the new Technicians role assigned to the group of agents is the only Role associated or is there others ?  You may be observing an issue with multiple Roles assigned and the other role may have Full control whereas the new Role does not allow this. The Roles are accumulative so you may need to exclude a Role where there is full control to the Knowledge Base.
Please let us know if you have continued difficulties. You may prefer to have us look into this further by opening a Support Ticket.
Bernd Albert Replied
Hello Joseph, many thanks for your replay, now i have learnd how it works :) It is also necessary to set custom permissions for the public groups, because it does not devide between employe and user. Your answer guided me in this direction, thank you very much!

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