SM11 Restore a mailbox with subfolders ?
Question asked by ellisfr - 1/20/2015 at 10:47 AM
In SmarterMail 11, I know how to restore messages in a mailbox, by deleting the mailbox.cfg, but is there a way to restore subfolders without recreating them manually in the webmail ?
(One of my users trashed a folder with like 50 subfolders and sub-subfolders, I have them in the backup but it'll take a lot of time recreating the whole structure).
I know there is a new Restore function in SM13 that seems to do this, but in SM11, any way ?
Thanks !

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If you restore the mailboxes back the user account you will need to stop the SmarterMail service, delete the root.cfg file and then start it up.  SmarterMail will then rebuild the root.cfg and the folder then should show up.  Depending on how many folders they have it may take a few minutes before they can login to there account.
ellisfr Replied
Thank you Brian, I understood the folder structure was in the root.cfg but I was afraid to delete it, not knowing if SM will rebuild it or not. I should have ask sooner, it would have saved me several hours of work !

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