Whitelisted mail ending up in junk mail folder
Question asked by Jerry Waggoner - 1/15/2015 at 2:25 PM
First of all, has anyone else noticed a strong spike in spam scores since the new year?
Secondly, we've noticed that even internal messages from myself to a co-worker are ending up in the junk mail folder in webmail.  It almost seems to be content related.  I sent one message to him with a subject of 'test' and it went to his inbox.  I sent a second with a subject of 'spam' and it went to junk.  Sent a third with a subject of 'spam 2' and it also went to junk.

Declude logs (set temporarily to debug level) shows exactly what it should:

01/15/2015 14:53:44.653 229367178 Skipping E-mail from authenticated user jerry@nicsys.net; whitelisted.
01/15/2015 14:53:44.653 229367178 Past whitelisting
01/15/2015 14:53:44.653 229367178 E-mail whitelisted - automatically passing all spam tests [Authenticated; jerry@nicsys.net]

Then Smartermail logs seem to show the same:

14:53:45 [67178] Delivery started for jerry@nicsys.net at 2:53:45 PM
14:54:01 [67178] Skipping spam checks: User authenticated
14:54:04 [67178] Starting local delivery to guy@nicsys.net
14:54:04 [67178] Delivery for jerry@nicsys.net to guy@nicsys.net has completed (Delivered) Filter: None
14:54:04 [67178] End delivery to guy@nicsys.net
14:54:04 [67178] Delivery finished for jerry@nicsys.net at 2:54:04 PM    [id:x229367178]

That Filter: None supposedly means no filters were applied to the message, which means it should have ended up in the inbox, but it clearly did not.  I've checked his personal content filtering and the domain content filtering.  There's nothing there, so...what gives?  Any help would be appreciated.  If there's more info I can provide that would help, please let me know.  Thanks.

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Employee Replied
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Does this user have an email client specifically Outlook connected via IMAP?  If so it may be Outlook flagging the email as spam and move it to the junk folder.  Easy test is to make sure Outlook is not running and then send the test messages again.
Kerric Tratt Replied
Thanks for the response.  Turns out he IS using Outlook via IMAP.  We conducted your experiment and sure enough, mail got filtered when Outlook was running but not when it was shut down, even though (supposedly) all junk filters were disabled.  Just another reason to avoid Outlook, I guess.

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