Control priority of spam / content filters
Idea shared by Richard Radeck - 1/15/2015 at 9:18 AM
Currently the spam filter executes before any content filters which means that any spam is sent to the spam folder of the users mailbox prior to any content filtering.  I recommend that the ability be provided to control if the spam filter is executed before or after content filters.  This would allow us to greatly diminish the amount of messages being sent to the spam folder of the user.  The reason this would be valuable is that the users spam folder must be checked periodically to determine if valid emails are being incorrectly marked as spam and require a trusted sender entry.  It would be much easier to check 20 emails rather than 800.

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I think SmarterTools is going to implement checking the Trusted Senders list before SMTP Blocking and Spam checks on the next version of SmarterMail.
Any suggested workaround for this?

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