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Problem reported by Tien Nguyen - 1/9/2015 at 11:48 PM
Hi Support Team,
I have upgraded SmaterTrack to the latest version (10.4.5451), but SEO friendly URL feature may be not work for Vietnamese language.
I created an article with a title: "Hướng dẫn sử dụng Smatter Track"

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Yannis Mamalis Replied
Greek characters are completely truncated ! Please fix
Tien Nguyen Replied
I have upgraded to latest version 10.6.5555.0 but this doesn't work.
I try with some KB article title:
1. á1-à2-ạ3-ả4-ã5-â6-ấ7-ầ8-ậ9-ẩ10-ẫ11-ă12-ắ13-ằ14-ặ15-ẳ16-ẵ17
2. é1-è2-ẹ3-ẻ4-ẽ5-ê6-ế7-ề8-ệ9-ể10-ễ11
3. ó1-ò2-ọ3-ỏ4-õ5-ô6-ố7-ồ8-ộ9-ổ10-ỗ11-ơ12-ớ13-ờ14-ợ15-ở16-ỡ17
4. ú1-ù2-ụ3-ủ4-ũ5-ư6-ứ7-ừ8-ự9-ử10-ữ11
5. í1-ì2-ị3-ỉ4-ĩ5
6. đ1
7. ý1-ỳ2-ỵ3-ỷ4-ỹ5

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