Email Agent with Open Tickets?
Question asked by Preston Carter - January 8, 2015 at 9:56 AM
Can I send a daily email to agents with open tickets?
Like a "Hey, Joe. You still have a ticket open from last Friday."
I think I could do this with a "Ticket Statuses" report, but I'd have to manually create and maintain this per employee.
Any better suggestions?

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Rather than use the Ticket Status report, you could create an Event that notifies you of any Active ticket idle more than, say, 840 minutes (14 hours). You could then forward that alert email to the agent directly.
You could also create the same event for each Agent so that the Agent gets the Event notification, with a copy sent to you. That would work if you have a smaller number of Agents whereas you receiving the notification may work if you have a larger number of agents.
The one drawback for this is weekends, holidays and vacations. There's no good way to accommodate weekends, but for holidays and vacations you could always pause an Agent's event.
However, using the Event system gives you enough flexibility that you can craft the email to say what you wanted, including the use of ticket/agent/event variables as well as the ability to set a number of parameters for when the Event fires, beyond simply Ticket Status and Idle Time. For example, if you have Agents in a number of departments, maybe you're only concerned with Idle tickets from one of them and not all of them. If so, you can set that. The Event system is very powerful and very flexible.
I hope that helps.
Derek Curtis
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