(Delivered) Filter: Spam (Weight: 39) - what does that exactly mean?
Question asked by Jon Eastwood - January 7, 2015 at 7:34 AM
Client is asking why they still get spam for stuff that is clearly spam, especially when the log record for such email looks as belowand i am now running commtouch also:
Delivery for xxxxxx to xxxxxxx has completed (Delivered) Filter: Spam (Weight: 39)
Spam settings are as follows:
Low: 15 - Prefix subject
Medium: 20 - Move to Junk
High: 50 - Delete
So when it says Delivered) Filter: Spam (Weight: 39) - surely that should have gone to junk yet the client go it in their inbox?
Any ideas please

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Action are configurable within spam settings. You decide what happens based on what weight. Security > Antispam Administration > Filtering
Cheers Steve,
I understand that but I was unsure as to what actual action 'Filter: Spam' refers to low,medium, or high:
Plus my settings mean it should never have been delivered
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According to your screenshot it should have gone to the junk e-mail folder...
Check to see if the user has any content filter that override that behaviour?
Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi all.  A couple of things could be happening here.  
1. The sending domain is specified as a trusted sender at either the system/domain/user level.  
2. Users are allowed to override default spam settings in Security >> Antispam Admin >> Options tab.
You are correct that the above message should've been sent to the junk folder.  The reason it wasn't was probably due to one of these.
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