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Problem reported by Richard Frank - 1/6/2015 at 3:54 AM
I better can use google and search like <keywords> site:portal.SmarterTools.com

the search on this forum needs work

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Steve Reid Replied
Yeah there are other threads concerning search issues...
John Marx Replied
I think SmarterTools has some truly great products. Rather than putting in new features, which is important, I think refinement of the current features needs to become a higher priority. It's the "little" things that can truly make a product shine. I know showing off the interface to new clients has greatly help our company grow but they always ask about search, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, calendar sharing, multiple calendars, Outlook type features, Gmail type features, etc.
Webio Replied
Actually not only on this forum but generally in SmarterTrack product. Big difference in my case would make partial/wildcard search and language invariant search (for example many users don't use national characters when searching for something.
Example: word password in polish is hasło but many users search for haslo and in this situation SmarterTrack is not returning any results containing word "hasło".
Thread here:
IMHO there is another thing which should be altered and it is search form on main page which returns only 5 results without informing user that there is more available in knowledge base:
Thread here:

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