Goals - Please Add To SmarterStats
Idea shared by Jonathan Heintzeman - 1/4/2015 at 3:05 PM
This methodology of tracking is vital to understanding the success of a website. Please add it to SmarterStats.
Track a single user across multiple visits. A goal is a hit to a specific URL (reg expressions matching to URL name is a big help). If a user hits a goal page many times it must only count as one goal being reached, because goals are based on the user not the visits (sessions) or hits. Goals can have dollar values attached to them.
The questions I want answered by such tracking are:
  • What percent of users reached the goal (across multiple visits)?
  • What is the average time taken to reach the goal? (Answer: after a total of 15 minutes on average)?
  • What is the total value of the goal? (unique users who hit the goal) * (Goal value) = Answer
Goal Views:
  • Single Goal View: Show all three questions answered, over the selected span of time for the goal.
  • Multiple Goal View: Show one question answered for all goals, over the selected span of time for the goal.
Community: Lets not get stuck on my specific implementation of this idea. If you agree with it in general please add your "Mega Diddos" and vote this Idea up! Up!! UP!!!!

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