Daily Spam Report/Summary
Question asked by Chris Lewis - 12/31/2014 at 4:34 AM
I was looking for a way to send an email to each user, which lists all spam messages they have received, and gives an option to delete/whitelist/blacklist etc.
Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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John Marx Replied
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From an administrator standpoint you can schedule easily for all a report. If you want to do it for users they would have to do it one at a time. There is no option to delete the spam though; just reporting.
Steve Reid Replied
I use a script that was posted on the old forum called smspamreport.exe
It sends a report that looks like:
Quarantined email for: [sqrEmailFor]
The Following new emails are in your Junk E-mail folder:
To view these messages, please login to your webmail at: [sqrWebmailLocation]
To whitelist a message:

If any of these emails are NOT spam, in webmail, right click any of these emails and
select Mark->Not Spam. This is the only way to ensure your email is not designated junk.
Evan Heller Replied
The script and code is still available on my website under: http://www.palace-designs.com/services/products I need to get around to updating it for SM versions > 6. It's just a matter of changing the SM mail path.
Steve Reid Replied
When you get it updated you should make a new post in the utilities section. Your tools is a great help.
Fritz Keller Replied
Hello Evan. Your tool is great, used it under SM 13.x. Now we upgraded to SM 14.5 and all useres get the mail, but the messagebody is empty, nothing in anymore. I wonder what did change in 14.5 so it does not run anymore. Any ideas?

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