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Question asked by Chris Lewis - December 31, 2014 at 4:34 AM
I was looking for a way to send an email to each user, which lists all spam messages they have received, and gives an option to delete/whitelist/blacklist etc.
Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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From an administrator standpoint you can schedule easily for all a report. If you want to do it for users they would have to do it one at a time. There is no option to delete the spam though; just reporting.
I use a script that was posted on the old forum called smspamreport.exe
It sends a report that looks like:
Quarantined email for: [sqrEmailFor]
The Following new emails are in your Junk E-mail folder:
To view these messages, please login to your webmail at: [sqrWebmailLocation]
To whitelist a message:

If any of these emails are NOT spam, in webmail, right click any of these emails and
select Mark->Not Spam. This is the only way to ensure your email is not designated junk.

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