SmarterMail v13.x DialUp Download Issue
Problem reported by David Fisher - 12/29/2014 at 3:08 PM
  I know DialUp is not well used anymore, but I have a few dialup customers still, and I have even tested this myself, but with SmarterMail v13.1 I am getting customers complaining about timeouts when downloading attachments.
  The customers are saying they are receiving "Your connection has been reset" using Internet Explorer.
  Again I have tested this in-house, with IE, Chrome and FireFox,   All have issues with file attachments, even using File Storage, and the url to download, it reset or timeouts.
  It does this after a few minutes on files sizes of 1MB or so.  I will do more testing to get exact times, and sizes.  It seems liked SmarterMail v13.0 was okay, but somewhere around v13.1 is started happening.
  I know it is holiday time for SmarterTools, so their support will be slower, so I am posting here first.

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There was an reported bug related to having multiple files selected for download from FileStorage incorrectly displaying a message that no items were selected.  We have a custom build that addresses this problem.  It may fix the issue you are experiencing.  Please contact support for a link for the custom build.

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