Disabled domain or non authoritative
Idea shared by Manuel - 12/29/2014 at 8:41 AM
when I migrate customer to my SmarterMail Server, there is a period of time (days sometimes) that the domain and the mailboxes are configured on the SmarterMail server, but the dns has not changed, and the mailboxes are on another server.
It's possible to implement the ability to "disable" the domain, or make domain to "non-authoritative" )such as with Exchange?) ?
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as i know you can disable an domain. But in this case will all mail-accounts within your smartermail get an error message then they try to send an email to this disabled domain...
unfortunaly smartermail doesnt handle an disabled domain as an non existing domain within smartermail :*(
This sounds like a good feature request. I can see where this would come in handy.
The short answer is no. SmarterMail will always consider itself the authoritative server for any domain installed. SmarterMail looks at itself first, then the Hosts file, then DNS queries.
Thanks, -Joe
there should realy be a behavior to change this!... actualy a realy bad mailprovide could create an domain like gmx.net or amazon.com or something similar - activate the catchall... and evoila :/

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