Question asked by David . - December 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM
The forum link now redirects to the portal
Where we can access the great of information that we had before in the forum. In the forum we still find valuable information SmarterMail; This information is for general reference.
Thanks you.

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It would be nice if all the old forum information would be converted to the new one.
I completely agree, the searches have become useless as you can only see them directly in a cached version
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hello all,
In reviewing the Forums traffic over the last several months we were seeing a lot of bot traffic and outdated information being referenced in various search results. Therefore, after some careful consideration, we decided to permanently delete the legacy Forums on Tuesday, December 23rd. We believe the usefulness of the Forums for existing and new SmarterTools customers had considerably declined. Everyone has made a smooth transition to the new Community and we look forward to continue using this as the communication platform for user-to-user and user-to-agent interaction. 
Thank you for your understanding.
Andrea Rogers 
Communications Specialist 
SmarterTools Inc. 
(877) 357-6278
Wow, thanks for including your user base in that decision.  You had earlier agreed to keep them available, after your users argued for their usefulness.  Now you unilaterally decide that we were all wrong.  Way to go!
I was looking for the old forum today, for an old post I needed information from and it's gone..
Yeah it's definitely a terrible business decision. It makes me think Smartertools held the old forum in such low regard. They thought the effort put by volunteers to help solve problems held no value.
Makes me question a lot.
So if thats what your going to do you need to update the KBs that reference it..
Here is one. So where is the VM now?
Hmmm...I wish I had read/responded to this thread quite some time ago....
I read with shock above from Andrea (SmarterTools) that the forums were deleted due to "outdated information being referenced in various search results"........
Everyone...please open another browser tab and go to Google, enter the following and search "Configure SmarterMail".....The TOP result:
IF outdated content was the real reason, then I would have thought that when searching how to configure SmarterMail having the main results coming up for a version years ago would be pretty high on ones list!  I could find MANY instances of the above.  Now, I understand that keeping old version/help topics are important....but as important as years of experience on the forums?  Years of help and time taken by people just trying to help?  I really think SmarterTools in some ways have made a statement with that action...and it's not a good sign.
Someone said it about....a terrible business decision to "delete" the old knowledge base......the name gives it away!
One could have taken the old forum information and made it only searchable/accessible only when logged into the new forum....that's ONE of many other ways the reasons given for the deletion could have been dealt with.
I have spent hours today trying to get an external AV to work via the command line scanner option....hours taken...but I KNOW that with a search or two I would have had that information in front of me if the "careful consideration" had actually been careful!  Can you tell I have had a long day for nothing!!
You can prevent search bot from crawling the forum, By putting this in a robots.txt file at the root of the forum directly. Then that will solve all your concerns and you can bring back the wealth of information that was present in those forums.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
I was not aware of this thread and just started this one last night
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