What service to stop from wihtin the web interface?
Question asked by kyle beckham - 12/21/2014 at 5:38 AM
Whenever our monitoring goes off about someone possibly spamming and we investigate sometimes the persons account is actually spamming. Basically the spammers have gotten the users password. So we will change the users password, but then the spammers are still connected being able to continue to send spam. So we normally stop the windows service and that solves this issue.  I would like to know are we able to simple stop and restart on of the services inside of smartermail in the web interface such as the smtp service to cause all of the connections to be dropped and thus causing smartermail to see the newly changed password and not allow anymore spamming with the old password?

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Good day Kyle,
Thanks for the inquiry. We do advise for you to stop the SmarterMail service [Mailservice.exe] and then possible clear out the mail spool if there are unwanted emails being sent out. We do not recommend stopping the SMTP service or other services within the interface.  If you are treating this as a compromised account and editing the password then you may want to also consider setting up security events within the SmarterMail application or enabling Throttling. Please keep in mind that you need the Enterprise edition to use this feature.

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