SmarterMail ONLY XMPP client for desktop, iOS, and Android.
Idea shared by Joe Wolf - 12/18/2014 at 9:58 PM
I'll be the first to admit that when SmarterTools announced XMPP support I was solidly against it.  Now that SM 13 supports encrypted XMPP I'm working with it for a few customers.
Here are the problems:
The customers don't want to open port 5222 because it would allow employees to add AIM, MSN, and other IM services.  They want this to be PRIVATE.  I can make that happen with Pidgin by binding a random port to SmarterMail XMPP... but the problem is that the various iOS and Android apps default to port 5222 and won't work.
I can develop a lightweight SmarterMail XMPP client for Android that could use any random port number.  Pidgin for desktops and laptops already allows you to do this.  I don't know of an iOS app that lets you change the XMPP port number.
The goal is that the employers don't want the employees to be able to use AIM, MSN or other chats via Port 5222.  We need a SmarterMail Android and iOS that allows a random port.  This shouldn't take more than a couple of hour of development time.  
I hope someone is willing to take on such a task.  It would make the XMPP a viable business tool rather than an open tool to chat with the rest of the world (because we could block port 5222 at the firewall or router).

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