AutoDiscover and Basic Setup
Question asked by Chinmay Khandekar - December 17, 2014 at 10:06 AM
We are trying out SmarterMails so we are a newbie in Windows Environment we all have worked on complete linux environment only.
We have setup SmarterMails with Web Interface.We are having trouble in auto discovery part and also the Outlook or Mails Servers won't recognize the server therefore we are using Smarter Mail through web interface only.!
We have added that IIS binding as well to Port 80 would 443 be necessary as well??
I have added the following A records and SRV text
Is the SRV & A record correct?
But I am unable to have any response from checking through command prompt. I get error as DNS Request Timed out.
I fail to understand where I am going wrong.

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Use Microsoft's tool to check your autodiscover record. Choose the "Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests". You will fail all except the last section when it specifically test your auto record - you should pass this and if not, it will help you figure out what is in error.
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