SmarterTrack license problem: SmarterTrack has a licensing conflict.
Question asked by Anders Henriksson - 5/26/2014 at 1:47 AM
During a brief power outage out server running SmarterTrack stopped working. On the login page it displays the following error: "SmarterTrack has a licensing conflict. Contact the primary administrator."
Previous posts suggests that logging in as administrator and reactivate the license key.
However, the administrator account has been lost. Does anybody else have any ideas how to go about it?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Anders
If you submit a ticket to our Sales team, they should be able to help you out. They'll ask for some information to prove license ownership and then walk you through updating your account so you have access to your information. 
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com

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