Minor Upgrade Uninstall?
Question asked by CCWH - 12/15/2014 at 3:45 PM
Hello all,
Just about to complete 13.0.5430 to 13.1.5451
Just a quick query, I have noticed that in the minor upgrade instructions they now state to uninstall the current version....I thought that was just for the major upgrades?

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Employee Replied
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Hi,  It is recommended to do an uninstall and install.  While you can install on top of with a minor it is possible that some files can be locked by the system and prevent them from being properly upgraded.
CCWH Replied
Thanks Brian, very much appreciated for the confirmation.
I understand there is a teething issue with 13.1.5451 so I will wait until that is resolved before updating.
Many thanks again.
Sam Wanyoike Replied

Just got this issue as well, was doing a simple minor upgrade on 14.x to latest version and before with version 13.x minor upgrades were simple and quick because there was a Windows installer and we did not need to uninstall each and every time doing a minor upgrade.

Now that I missed out doing the uninstall and possibly a reboot before doing the upgrade, I keep on getting an error trying to install and cannot complete. Also when I go to control panel to try uninstalling, smatermail is now not on the list.

Really frustrating and wish the simple and quick upgrade for minor upgrades can be there and possible to do without having to uninstall each and every time.

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