SM 12 & 13 Email and add new tab's not active in Internet Exlorer
Question asked by mike - December 12, 2014 at 2:44 PM
Using SM 12.3 with Windows 8 IE 11 and Windows 7 IE 11 on 3 different devices (client and our PC's), I found that if in any dialogue except Calendar I was unable to click the email tab and that the globalnewbutton was not displaying any options (new message, contact, appointment etc). I assumed it was a local issue with SM 12.3 so have today installed SM 13.1 to find I still have the same issue.
I have search the forum and also Google without finding any reference to this so I assume I have a local issue (my server). I found a knowledgebase article on " Usability Issues in Internet Explorer 11" but that said "applies to SM 11". I applied the changes anyway but that has not had any impact. Can anyone either corroborate my finding or suggest how I can fix this please? I don't like IE but I have to resolve it for the sake of clients who do. 
I also cannot explain why the email tab works when in the Calendar pane. I notice that in developer tools in IE that the email tab has an extra class of "active" in all the dialogues except the calendar one. Why is that?

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Hello Mike,
Thanks for the information. Can you please update us on whether or not you have implemented SmarterMail 13x and the issue with the calendar or webmail has been corrected ? Please consider opening a Support ticket if you have not done so and we can review the details.  If we do find an issue or bug we will credit the ticket back.

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