SmarterMail and SmarterTrack on the same server?
Question asked by Jamin Blount - 12/10/2014 at 10:48 AM
We've had SmarterMail running on its own dedicated server for years. We had originally had a SmarterTrack (v3) license that was provided with our hosting package, but it's long since lapsed since we weren't using it at the time. Now we are thinking about renewing that and getting it set up.
Is it possible/reasonable to install ST and SM on the same server? The SM server is the only one we have that runs Windows, the rest are on RHEL, so that's basically the only option we've got short of ordering another dedicated server or cloud node just for ST.
Any special things I would need to be aware of in order to run them concurrently like that? We've got, i.e., mail.[several different domains].com pointed there... would we be able to now point support.[several different domains].com there as well and have SM and ST each pick up their respective subdomains?
Thanks in advance.

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Steve Reid Replied
I have both running on the same server, although very light load. There wasn't really anything special I had to do.
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Hi Jamin,
SmarterMail and SmarterTrack can be installed and run on the same server. There isn't any additional server configuration needed. They should be pick up their respective subdomains without a problem.
Hope this helps!
Jamin Blount Replied
Thank you for the responses.
I was able to get the demo installed but it acts like something is causing a conflict or something. SmarterMail's service and web interface is still running just fine on all domains, but SmarterTrack refuses to run reliably. I can get one or two page loads and then it stops responding completely, all requests timeout. In the initial setup, I made it through to trying to set up the SMTP connection, but then it timed out when trying to save, and I have no idea whether it saved, or whether there is anything left to do or not. It won't let me continue where I left off, either, it just sends me into the main page now. Attempting to log in with the user I created during setup times out as well, so I am unable to get into the admin section and confirm anything.
I am running it as an IIS7 site, I followed the instructions here to do so. I specified support.domain.com as the host name in the new IIS site's bindings so that it would only connect on that one subdomain and leave everything else alone. I have tried restarting the SmarterTrack service, the IIS site, and the IIS application pool, several times, it doesn't really seem to do anything. If I wait awhile, I can get it to load the front page and the login modal, but that's about as far as I can get.
Watching the database server, I can see it making connections, it acts like it's trying to do something, but I guess whatever it is doing isn't making it far enough to send back any response.
As I said, SmarterMail is still running like a champ, so I don't think it's an issue with the server overall. Is there anything I can do to try to kickstart it into working? Is it caused by not making it all the way through setup maybe?
Thanks again.

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