Different spool command line script per domain?
Question asked by Jamin Blount - 12/10/2014 at 10:08 AM
Running 12.x right now, will likely upgrade to 13 soon FWIW.
Is it possible to specify a different spool command line file per domain? Or to specify the domain as an argument? Ideally both the sender and recipient domains separately, but just the recipient would be better than nothing.
I have a command line file right now that copies the spool files (eml and hdr) to a batch folder, where they are eventually retrieved and processed by my CRM/ERP application (located on a different server, so this part of the process goes over FTP). Works well enough, but right now the application downloads everything and has to open/parse the .hdr file in order to determine the domain on the back end, and delete what it doesn't need. I would like to move that further up in the process, so that the spool script places the files into different batch folders based on the domain.
Most pressing reason is that we are going to be running a second instance of the CRM application, which will need to look for emails from a different domain. Rather than having each instance basically competing for the same set of files, I would like to set them up on the email/spool side to each get their own unique batch folder up front, so they can each operate fully independently of each other.
Is that possible? Thank you in advance.

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M. Hussein Replied
I hope smartertools archive this possibility, it will give us more control over domains spooled messages.
Steve Reid Replied
Have you had a look at Ultimate Spool Manager? https://www.mightyblue.com/products.php?pid=3
Jamin Blount Replied
Interesting, I'll have to give that a try, thanks for the link.

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