Getting fed up with SmarterMail as a product because of constant issues
Problem reported by Arthur Grandovskis - October 4, 2016 at 3:02 PM
We've been using SmarterMail for yonks and it's never been as buggy and as unreliable as it is now. It was never good but now I feel like it actually gotten a lot more worse.
We are getting daily reports from various clients that their iphones and outlooks keep disconnecting - they run their own instances of latest versions of SmarterMail on very powerful physical servers (Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz (2 processors) with 32GB of RAM and all separate SSD's for C drive, spool, domain/email storage + separate drive for archive). It's been happening almost daily to a point where I feel like I'm no longer able to fix the problem and I'm sure they are fed up complaining about it as well.
Further SmarterMail account on my iPhone is acting up too. Few days ago I received over 2 thousand emails that all came at once within a very short period of time - they got deleted in my Outlook (activesync account) and were no longer appearing on iPhone. Lo and behold I log into SmarterMail Webmail and all of those emails are still present in my inbox - had to delete them from there as well.
Just today we had an email from a client saying that Macbook's Mac Mail keeps disconnecting from Mail Server every day for no apparent reason and another client saying that their Outlook keeps disconnecting as well as iPhone (both clients use different mail servers). Both networks are closely monitored for any downtime and we know for a fact that there was no outage of any sort to cut the connection which only leaves the Smartermail as the only culprit.
There is something fundamentally wrong with the way SmarterMail functions to a degree where I no longer feel confident in using it.
I cannot believe that we are the only ones having this problem....

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Bruce Barnes Replied
October 4, 2016 at 6:20 PM
Are you running the latest version of SmarterMail 15.3.6109?  it was released on 22 Sept, 2016
one caveat, unlike prior "minor upgrades," the upgrade to 15.3.6109 REQUIRES the removal of the current version and a REBOOT of the server, prior to installing the upgrade.  Make certain to follow your original paths, and all of your data will be saved.
Also remember that you MUST disable the built-in SmarterMail web server and use only IIS to run SmarterMail.
Additionally, remember that Outlook has a MAXIMUM DATA FILE SIZE of 20 gigabytes.  Many users who use IMAP/SMTP also download full messages to the client, and Outlook does not like that at all.
The latest version, when properly installed, is much more stable, faster, and secure, than all prior versions, and I, personally, don't think we will see any other major enhancements until the complete re-write of 16.X is pushed and goes post beta.  The SmarterTools development group has, quite literally, re-written several million lines of code to make SmarterMail more web friendly, allowing IMAP/SMTP, web connections for everything (VERY secure under the new TLS standards), and still including POP.
As an MX ISP, we've quietly eliminated all POP access, and are enforcing TLS connections with encrypted passwords,
You cam find out more about our settings via our anti-spam document, at:

Note, we are working on changes to the antispam settings, but are awaiting the release of SmarterMail 16.X, so we can make certain that the ability to import and export those changes, to propagate them to other boxes easily, is still available.
We're extremely happy with a single SmarterMail solution for antispam, because, otherwise, setting the thresholds and triggers for the spam settings pretty much "get in the way of each other."
Between enforced greylisting, completely blocking user configured routing, and user modified spam settings, we've had nothing but "good luck" with our, and our hosted client's, spam settings.
You should also make certain you're setup on the Webmaster Notifications with the primary ISPs.  Google changed that process about two months ago, requiring you to register, and verify, each hosted domain, via a TXT record in the domains DNS - else they will either block you altogether, or limit your IP address to 50 messages PER DAY.
Here's more on the 13 TLDs which REQUIRE registration for the Postmaster protocols,
Note that Google's has changed, and you must have a GMAIL.COM account to setup the domains, and get the individual TXT records, again, for EACH HOSTED DOMAIN.  See: postmaster.google.com.

If you send a large volume of emails to Gmail users, you can use Postmaster Tools to see: 

  • If users are marking your emails as spam
  • Whether you’re following Gmail's best practices
  • Why your emails might not be delivered
  • If your emails are being sent securely

An authentication domain is either the DKIM (d=) or SPF domain (Return-Path domain) that is used to authenticate your email. You can find it in the ‘Authentication Results’ header of an email that has successfully passed authentication (and was delivered to a Gmail mailbox).

For example, in the sample Authentication Results header below, domain.com is the 'Authentication Domain.':
Authentication-Results: mx.google.com;
spf=pass (google.com: domain of bounce-123@domain.com designates as permitted sender)
dkim=pass header.i=@domain.com;
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha1; c=relaxed/relaxed; s=12345; d=domain.com;

Postmaster Tools uses your authentication domain to uniquely identify your email traffic and provide access to your traffic analytics.

Tip: Authentication domain can be either the domain-name or the sub-domain. If it’s a domain-name, the data will show the traffic aggregated over any and all sub-domains of that domain-name, plus any traffic corresponding to the (exact) domain-name match. You can also independently add multiple sub-domains and view data about each of them separately.

  1. Go to postmaster.google.com.
  2. On the bottom-right, click the + button.
  3. In the box that pops up, enter your authentication domain.
  4. Next, prove that you own the domain by adding a DNS TXT or a DNS CNAME record.
  • Each account needs a separate DNS verification record, and you won’t be able to see your traffic analytics until you complete this step (although you can skip the step and add this later).
Here's a summary of all the adds, fixes and changes that are available in that version:
Version 15.3.6109 (Sep 22, 2016)
  • Fixed: A scenario where the SmarterMail service may not shut down properly when rebooting a server resulting in file corruption.
  • Fixed: Adding a new contact now correctly displays messages from that contact in the message tab.
  • Fixed: Disabling impersonation or domain management when creating a new system administrator now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Editing a message archive rule now displays the correct domain that the rule applies to.
  • Fixed: Some users that had shared calendars were unable to view their calendars in webmail.
  • Fixed: URLs in HTML IMG tags are now skipped when looking for links to be modified into a clickable link when viewing messages in webmail.
  • Fixed: Using autodiscover to setup an account in Outlook 2013 or 2016 will now sync using Exchange ActiveSync if it is enabled for the account.

Version 15.3.6095 (Sep 8, 2016)

  • Added: An option to restrict bounces to only internal addresses.
  • Fixed: Autodiscover now functions correctly for Outlook on Windows.
  • Fixed: Disabling reports for a domain now hides the disk space and file storage reports for users on that domain.
  • Fixed: Modifying the email address or phone numbers of a contact in the Global Address List in webmail now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: The auto cleaning of old calendar events now properly determines when a recurring event is no longer active.
  • Fixed: The delete button now functions correctly when editing a contact in webmail.

Version 15.3.6081 (Aug 25, 2016)

  • Changed: Deleting a domain using web services no longer accepts a domain alias name in place of the primary domain name.
  • Fixed: A scenario when using Outlook with IMAP with an account that is over its disk quota where moving a message may delete the message without copying it to the destination folder.
  • Fixed: A scenario where the mailinglist.db file for a domain may not be correctly updated to a new version format from an older version.
  • Fixed: A timing issue with index processing that could cause indexing to fail for some messages.
  • Fixed: A user can no longer block their own email address using the block sender action in webmail.
  • Fixed: Added SetDigestSubscriberList2 function to the svcMailListAdmin web service that replaces the current digest list. The SetDigestSubscriberList function is now deprecated as it added subscribers in the new list to the existing list.
  • Fixed: An email message that does not include a date in the header will now display properly in search results.
  • Fixed: Auto-cleaning of a user's calendar events now removes expired recurring events.
  • Fixed: Calendar event reminders in webmail now display additional information correctly for events that do not include body text.
  • Fixed: Contacts now sync properly using the Windows 10 people app using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Disabling folder auto-clean rules now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Messages in sent items that were sent from Outlook using Exchange ActiveSync now include the BCC header field.
  • Fixed: Migrating calendar events from Exchange now imports yearly recurring events with the correct month.
  • Fixed: Migrating data from a Google account now only asks for the Gmail credentials when email is included in the migration.
  • Fixed: Migrating notes from Exchange now includes notes found in subfolders.
  • Fixed: Parsing a message that contains more than 2048 parts is now aborted to prevent a stack overflow exception.
  • Fixed: Renaming a user or manually moving one to a new domain now automatically updates that user's primary email address in the user's Account Profile.
  • Fixed: Syncing of the Global Address List using Sharepoint sync now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: The end date for a recurring calendar event now displays correctly in webmail when that event does not include a start date.
  • Fixed: User default settings for preview pane location and auto spell check now persist after the service is restarted.
  • Fixed: Viewing a message in the virus quarantine now displays the correct message date.
  • Removed: Removed calls to a Microsoft dll as a backup for DNS lookups since an error in that dll would crash the SmarterMail service.
  • Security: Fixed XXE vulnerability with RSS feeds. Thanks to Dawid Golunski (http://legalhackers.com)

Version 15.2.6039 (Jul 14, 2016)

  • Added: A mailConfig.xml only setting called allowViewingOfPasswords that enables the viewing of passwords in the web interface by system administrators.
  • Added: Logging for folder auto-clean processing.
  • Added: Secondary calendars can now be searched using an advanced search in webmail.
  • Added: Sending a draft message that was created from replying to an existing message now sets the replied to flag on that message.
  • Changed: Appointments that are marked as tentative no longer show as busy when checking the user's availability.
  • Changed: IMAP migrations / retrievals will now attempt to reconnect and continue if the connection is lost with the server.
  • Changed: Importing users from a CSV file now sets the account's max disk space according to the domain's user default settings.
  • Fixed: A scenario where a meeting request email with bad time zone information would cause continual Exchange ActiveSync exceptions.
  • Fixed: A scenario where an account could not be indexed for a long duration, resulting in searches not working for new messages.
  • Fixed: A scenario where moving messages with Outlook using IMAP, when the account's mailbox quota has been reached, could cause the source messages to be removed but not copied to the destination folder.
  • Fixed: Added a header field to auto-response messages in accordance with RFC 3834 to identify the message type. SmarterMail will not send auto-responses to those messages.
  • Fixed: Adding a contact from an iOS device synced with Exchange ActiveSync no longer causes blank phone number fields when editing the contact in webmail.
  • Fixed: Adding appointments to a calendar now functions properly for domains that have shared calendars disabled.
  • Fixed: An exception is no longer thrown and logged to the delivery log when sending a message to a disabled mailing list.
  • Fixed: Attendees are now saved properly when using Exchange Web Services to add or edit calendar meetings.
  • Fixed: Choosing the Email action when viewing a contact in the mobile interface now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Contacts with non-ASCII characters now show correctly in the mobile web interface.
  • Fixed: Deleting a custom report now refreshes the grid to immediately reflect that deletion.
  • Fixed: Deleting incoming gateways now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Editing a contact found through an advanced search in webmail now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Meeting invites now display correctly in Outlook 2016 for Mac synced with Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: Meeting invites whose start or end dates are at midnight UTC now correctly display the time converted to the user's time zone.
  • Fixed: Meeting requests now display correctly in Outlook 2016 for Mac when synced using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: Message Sniffer logs are now automatically compressed and deleted according to log settings, similar to other SmarterMail logs.
  • Fixed: Replying to all from a message that is sent out via an SMTP account will now exclude that SMTP account address from the auto filled list of recipients.
  • Fixed: Searches in webmail for text separated with periods such as URL's or IP addresses now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Signed messages now correctly show as signed in eM Client when synced using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: SmarterMail generated auto-responses and read receipt messages will now bypass spam checks.
  • Fixed: Sorting contacts by email then leaving and returning to the contacts view now displays the contact list correctly.
  • Fixed: Tabbing through the email fields when adding or editing a new contact in webmail now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: The AddUser2 API function now works properly when the option to not allow previous passwords has been set.
  • Fixed: The confirmation popup asking if you meant to attach a file prior to sending a message will no longer appear when sending inline image attachments with the word "attach" somewhere in the body text.
  • Fixed: Turned off lock tracking that was enabled by default in previous release and wrote debug logs to the Service folder of the install path.

Version 15.1.6005 (Jun 10, 2016)

  • Added: Message Sniffer logs are now compressed and auto deleted based on log settings.
  • Fixed: Importing users from a csv file now uses the Domain's user default settings for fields that are not set from the csv file.
  • Fixed: Renaming folders containing subfolders now functions correctly.

Version 15.1.6004 (Jun 9, 2016)

  • Added: Andorra has been added to the list of countries in the initial wizard for newly created user accounts.
  • Added: Automatic marking of a message as read when viewed in the preview pane can now be disabled per user.
  • Added: Improved logging for handling of push email for Exchange Web Services.
  • Changed: Last login times time now display in the local time zone and include time along with the date.
  • Changed: Updated Message Sniffer binaries to the latest versions.
  • Efficiency: Reduced memory usage for large calendars.
  • Efficiency: Viewing large calendars in webmail is now much faster, particularly in the month view.
  • Fixed: A scenario where extracting the date of a message during an IMAP retrieval session could fail.
  • Fixed: A scenario where renaming a folder in webmail that has a name very similar to another folder could rename the wrong folder.
  • Fixed: Added translation support for a number of strings in webmail that were previously hard coded.
  • Fixed: Adding Tasks to an email now properly selects the related item.
  • Fixed: Attachments with non-ASCII characters are now displayed correctly in the mobile interface.
  • Fixed: Auto responses now correctly reply back to SRS encoded sender addresses.
  • Fixed: Calendar events imported from an ICS file that have no UID value are now assigned one.
  • Fixed: Clicking on an email address in webmail and selecting to add/edit a contact now auto fills the email address when adding the contact.
  • Fixed: Content filtering is no longer applied to the HTML markup of a message.
  • Fixed: Downloading a file from file storage with non-ASCII characters now saves with the correct name.
  • Fixed: Downloading attachments or vCards with non-ASCII characters in the file name from webmail using Internet Explorer now save with the correct name.
  • Fixed: Folder names with non-ASCII characters now display correctly in the Message Retrieval grid.
  • Fixed: In webmail, users can now change an all day appointment to a non all day appointment.
  • Fixed: Indexing of calendar events no longer indexes duplicate entries when a calendar event is updated.
  • Fixed: Plus addressing now works when domains are marked as external but are actually hosted locally.
  • Fixed: Printing attachments now properly displays non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed: Resolved a scenario where a client syncing using Exchange ActiveSync could get stuck repeatedly calling the FolderSync function.
  • Fixed: The contacts grid now displays correctly when the Personal Fax or Company Fax fields are selected to show in the grid.
  • Fixed: The Exchange ActiveSync log will now show correct session identifiers for PING requests and responses.
  • Fixed: The HTTP response status code is no longer set when closing an Exchange Web Services long poll request since the status code is set at the start of that connection and can't be changed after that.
  • Fixed: The My Today Page now shows correct amount of currently used space.
  • Fixed: The same Google and OneDrive accounts can now be used on different mailboxes.
  • Fixed: The scenario where a client connected via a long poll using Exchange Web Services disconnects unexpectedly is now handled properly.
  • Fixed: The Spool Dashboard will now function properly if the SmarterMail service starts up with the SMTP service disabled.

Version 15.0.5976 (May 12, 2016)

  • Changed: IMAP retrieval will now retry to download a message if it fails to receive data on the first attempt.
  • Changed: Viewing a contact in webmail whose primary email address matches that of the logged in account will no longer search for and fill out related items.
  • Efficiency: Added caching to improve performance in the monthly calendar view in webmail.
  • Fixed: A scenario where parsing of INTERNALDATE during an IMAP migration could fail, resulting in the message's date getting set to the date of the migration.
  • Fixed: An exception that could occur while processing spool messages due to the timing of how information is gathered for the Spool Dashboard.
  • Fixed: CalDAV and CardDAV will now properly authenticate when a password contains a colon (:) character.
  • Fixed: Checking the Select All checkbox and performing an action in webmail after searching for Contacts, Tasks or Notes now correctly applies to only the items displayed in the search results.
  • Fixed: Domain Administrators can no longer view or create temporary passwords for users.
  • Fixed: Exchange ActiveSync now applies a global WindowSize properly during sync requests.
  • Fixed: Exchange ActiveSync will no longer cross folder IDs when connected by multiple devices on the same account.
  • Fixed: If a folder is renamed, added, or deleted, Exchange ActiveSync will now correctly notify Android devices.
  • Fixed: Meetings created in a domain calendar now successfully send meeting requests to the attendees.
  • Fixed: Sending calendar invites via an impersonated user now works properly.
  • Fixed: The Chat section in webmail now automatically updates the user's chat status.
  • Fixed: The creator of a meeting in a domain calendar can now add themselves as attendees.
  • Fixed: The Exchange ActiveSync version is now properly read and applied when passed as part of the request's querystring.
  • Fixed: Windows Mail now properly supports push using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Windows Mail will now show calendar invitations correctly when using Exchange ActiveSync.

Version 15.0.5962 (Apr 28, 2016)

  • Efficiency: Max number of elements (email messages, etc.) reduced when syncing via Exchange ActiveSync to increase efficiency and speed, especially for users on slower connections.
  • Fixed: A timing scenario where a SMTP message added to the spool that's sent to an alias could fail to deliver.
  • Fixed: Adding calendar events using via Exchange Web Services in eM Client now functions as expected.
  • Fixed: Adding calendar events with invitees using an Exchange ActiveSync client now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: An issue where invalid characters in messages would cause cause sync failures when using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: Disabling POP or IMAP retrieval at the domain level now properly excludes that option when adding a message retrieval item.
  • Fixed: Exchange Web Services now implements streaming events that push changes from the server to the client.
  • Fixed: Exchange Web Services now skips sending update statuses for messages that no longer exist when syncing folders.
  • Fixed: IMAP message retrieval now handles unexpected disconnections by delivering messages that have been downloaded and then starting where it left of on the next retrieval session.
  • Fixed: Renaming the primary system administrator account now properly renames that account instead of adding a new one.
  • Fixed: The Temporary Password field no longer displays in default user settings.
  • Fixed: Using IMAP retrieval, or when migrating Gmail accounts, no longer imports the special Gmail "All Mail" folder.

Version 15.0.5949 (Apr 15, 2016)

  • Added: Business IP is now included in the list of phone types when setting contact information in webmail.
  • Changed: Sending notifications for Internal Spammer Abuse Detection rules (previously limited to one per hour for all Internal Spammer notifications rules with the same type of Action) are now limited to one per hour for each rule.
  • Fixed: Cyren now fails over to contact a different Cyren server if communication with the primary one fails.
  • Fixed: Exchange ActiveSync authentication now functions correctly when authenticating with domain aliases and Active Directory.
  • Fixed: File storage downloads that take longer than two minutes now function correctly.
  • Fixed: IMAP message retrieval and migrations no longer try to select and download messages from folders with a NoSelect flag.
  • Fixed: Messages bounced from a SmarterMail gateway server back to the SmarterMail primary server will now skip spam checks.
  • Fixed: Searches now function correctly when viewing users, aliases and domain resources.
  • Fixed: The cancel button on the Import Spam Settings popup box now properly closes the popup.
  • Fixed: The Top Inbound Senders table in the Spool Dashboard now includes sender addresses that are not local accounts.

Version 15.0.5932 (Mar 29, 2016)

  • Added: A disk usage indicator has been added to the logout dropdown menu to display a user's disk usage versus what is available.
  • Added: Certificates for DKIM can now be managed through the API.
  • Added: Dashboard page for the spool showing top sending and receiving email and IP addresses. Actions can be taken to delete or move spool messages for a particular IP or email address, as well as to block more messages from those addresses.
  • Added: Disposable addresses can now be cancelled.
  • Added: Domains and user accounts can now be renamed through the web interface without stopping the SmarterMail service.
  • Added: Exchange ActiveSync Ping connections are now displayed on the Current Connections page.
  • Added: Global spam settings are now found in a spamConfig.xml file and can be uploaded, allowing them to be easily moved over from one server to another.
  • Added: Meeting requests from email messages are now automatically added to a user's calendar in webmail with a tentative status.
  • Added: Multiple phone numbers of each type can now be added to contacts in webmail.
  • Added: Permission settings have been added for system administrator accounts for allowing them to manage domains and impersonate accounts.
  • Added: Spam settings importing now displays a modal window with a drag and drop area.
  • Added: Support for the IMAP Children extension.
  • Added: Support for the IMAP Quota extension. IMAP clients can notify users when they are getting near their mailbox size limit.
  • Added: Syncing contacts with clients that support multiple phone numbers of the same type or more than three email addresses will now properly save and sync those extra fields.
  • Added: System administrators and domains can now upload a favicon icon to use for webmail.
  • Added: System administrators can now change the account they are impersonating from the domain’s users grid.
  • Added: System administrators can now create temporary passwords for user accounts to troubleshoot issues. The actual user’s passwords can no longer be displayed in webmail while managing a domain.
  • Added: The type of a phone number in webmail now includes iPhone.
  • Added: Uploads in webmail now support a drag and drop area.
  • Added: Webmail now supports adding more than three email addresses to a contact.
  • Changed: Administrative logging was updated to log more efficiently and to be easier to read.
  • Changed: All settings files with a _bak file will automatically load from that _bak file if loading of the primary file fails.
  • Changed: Previous passwords can no longer be used when changing an expired password.
  • Fixed: A scenario where IMAP migration could fail.
  • Fixed: Adding a contact using Exchange Web Services now properly adds email address 2 and 3.
  • Fixed: Blanking out fields in a contact now syncs properly using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: Domain extensions longer than four characters are no longer cut off when adding attendees to calendar events.
  • Fixed: Exchange Web Services now includes HomePhone2 and BusinessPhone2 when a client requests the default fields for a contact.
  • Fixed: Messages added to sent items when sending from Mac Mail using Exchange Web Services are now marked as read.
  • Fixed: Non all day appointments synced with CalDAV that have a UTC start time of 12 AM no longer sync as all day appointments.
  • Fixed: Notes now delete properly from clients synced using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Scenario where some messages imported using IMAP migration would get added with the current date and time instead of the correct one for that message.
  • Fixed: Searching in webmail now functions correctly on servers with FIPS compliance enabled.
  • Fixed: The algorithm for determining if a message part is an attachment when syncing with Exchange Web Services is now the same as webmail.
  • Fixed: The max weight setting now functions correctly for any URIBL check.
  • Fixed: The start and end times for all day appointments synced with Exchange ActiveSync are now set properly to be 12 AM to midnight in the given time zone.
  • Fixed: Users now save properly when using Active Directory authentication and a Windows username that is different than the SmarterMail username.
  • Removed: DomainKeys verification is no longer included as part of the spam settings that are automatically created during the getting started wizard.
  • Removed: Signing messages with DomainKeys has been removed as that signing method is obsolete. Message signing should be done with DKIM.
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CCC Replied
October 19, 2016 at 9:26 AM
I suggest that in the future, if any SmarterMail install REQUIRES a removal and reboot, then the INSTALLATION PROGRAM should throw up a gigantic error screen telling them to do so.
Better yet, the installation program could tell you its going to perform these tasks and re-launch itself after the reboot to restart the install. 
I know we should all RTFM, I'm not arguing that point at all. 
I'm just saying that 1) this is a problem that could be solved once and for all with the installation program and  2) doing so would eliminate the need to have this "remove/reboot/reinstall" discussion every time a bug is reported with a new version of SmarterMail.
We are all busy people, lets make it easy on everyone :)
Paul Blank Replied
October 19, 2016 at 9:38 AM
AGREED AGREED AGREED. There is no good reason that the installer shouldn't check for this and/or at least remind us.
Leo Sancassani Replied
January 19 at 8:16 AM
We have the same problem. Exchange Active Sync is not working well. Losts email, casual resync, disconnecting/reconnecting, and so on... SM is getting worse with time!
Bruce Barnes Replied
January 21 at 5:38 PM
There are lots of software packages which require multi-step installation proceedures. On of my clients works in Peachtree, and not onlydown for a couple of hours, is tbe server no one xan login to the updated version until thier workstation has been upgraded - WITH AN UPDATED BEING RUN ONCE FOR EACH YEAR THAT IT IS BEHIND. Since this customer only updates every three years, tgat means 11 workstations, averaging 1 to to hours per workstation, and requires four, or more, reboots The last one took about 7 hours. So, working withSmarterMail / SmarterTools products is, pretty much a piece of cake. This meabs that even
Bruce Barnes
ChicagoNetTech Inc

Phone: (224) 444-0169

E-Mail and DNS Security Specialist
Network Security Specialist

Customer Service Portal: https://portal.chicagonettech.com
Website: https://www.ChicagoNetTech.com
Security Blog: http://networkbastion.blogspot.com/

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Paul Blank Replied
January 22 at 8:08 AM
Bruce, much of what you say is true. However, it is not very difficult to program an installer to check if a previous version is already installed, issue a warning, and ask to uninstall that older version before proceeding. I have rarely, if ever, seen an installer fail to do this, when running it over an existing version would do "damage" once the program is re-started. "We" SM admins continue to scratch our collective heads about why SM does not at least issue that warning. BTW in some instances, the SM installation key also needs to be re-entered. A warning about this would be very nice as well. Some of us (I'm typically one of them, but you never know) keep that key handy.
Paul Blank Replied
January 22 at 8:39 AM
To quote Marc Levante (above):  "I  bet within a few months V16 is released, there will be 10s, if not 100s of fixes that will be required. The fixes will go on for years. This is not something you can subject your customer base to as you will have a lot of customers upset for one reason or another and it will be a full time job managing customer issues."
And then a new version comes out, and the cycle of fixes begins again. That is why some of us wait months or years before upgrading SM.
Matthew Leyda Replied
January 22 at 2:53 PM
The problem is when a new version comes out they quit updating the old one. I asked this question about V15 and from the answer Tim gave they will do the updates in Ver 16 and Ver 15 is now hung out to dry. I'm in the camp of waiting for 3 to 6 months to see how buggy it is. With a new version about once a year, that means about 6 months of getting things fixed before the cycle starts over. Even Microsoft with all its faults supports the Old Version for 7 years.
Kendra Support
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Paul Blank Replied
January 22 at 4:23 PM
That's pretty much the case, although I recall getting some support, if not actual updates, for issues with prior versions.
Matthew Leyda Replied
January 22 at 5:58 PM
Version 15.0.5932 (Mar 29, 2016)
14 Fixes
Version 15.0.5949 (Apr 15, 2016)
8 Fixes
Version 15.0.5962 (Apr 28, 2016)
11 Fixes
Version 15.0.5976 (May 12, 2016)
15 Fixes
Version 15.1.6004 (Jun 9, 2016)
24 Fixes
Version 15.1.6005 (Jun 10, 2016)
2 Fixes
Version 15.2.6039 (Jul 14, 2016)
26 Fixes
Version 15.3.6081 (Aug 25, 2016)
21 Fixes
Version 15.3.6095 (Sep 8, 2016)
5 Fixes
Version 15.3.6109 (Sep 22, 2016)
7 Fixes
Version 15.4.6151 (Nov 3, 2016)
10 Fixes
Version 15.5.6222 (Jan 13, 2017)
20 Fixes
And the Grand total is 163 Fixes
And 20 of them 10 Months after release, Sure gives a person a warm and fuzzy feeling about the quality of a “Completely New product” the has been rewritten from the ground up.
Kendra Support
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Bruce Barnes Replied
January 23 at 3:13 PM
I suspect some of those posting against SmarterMail, are the same types of "clients" who open a contract, fet a orice, and, then on the appointed date and time, inform me they "fixed it" but atill need help. SorryJackson: Repair Prices: - We repair, you wait quietly: $125.00 hour - We repair, you "help: $250.00 hour . - We talk you through the work, as you challenge our experience and known, working, solutions: - $750.00 hour.
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Paul Blank Replied
January 29 at 10:10 AM
Bruce, your comment is well-taken. Poorly behaved clients are always a drag.
Moving on.. and with all due respect - you do way more than your share for this community, and we thank you for that - most of us here are IT specialists, or email admins, with the maintenance of SmarterMail as just one part of our jobs. We don't live, eat, and breathe email, so to speak. So the seemingly constant stream of SM updates that introduce additional bugs can really be a drag (to use that word again, in a slightly different context!) on our limited resources. And upper management sometimes takes a dim view of paying specialists to do what we are "supposed" to be specialists in. YMMV, of course.
Christopher York Replied
March 26 at 11:15 AM
We've had our fair share of issues with SmarterMail as well. Mostly around ActiveSync. We have a ticket open right now for a fairly "funny" and semi-critical issue with SM v15.
The issues with ActiveSync stem mostly from my *insert device* is not getting new email notifications or they are late or *insert device* randomly stops syncing. Or they move a large number of emails in Outlook, but it does not reflect on their other devices. I believe we are still waiting for this massive update to EWS that never came to v15 after it was promised (correct me if I am wrong).
Personally, I do not like the path that SM 16 has taken, the new UI is HORRIBLE, cluttered and unorganized. It appears less professional than previous releases. We have mixed reviews from our customers as well, some love it, some are eh and others say they will find something else. I wish we could have stuck with the older SM look-n-feel and simply improved it a bit, added new features etc.

And with the new version, we can say goodbye to updates against the v15 release. So whatever shape you're currently v15 is in is where it will stay sadly. I am beginning to wonder if the bug I reported over a month ago is actually going to be fixed or if they will ignore it since it is with an older release.
David Finley Replied
April 10 at 2:41 PM
Well now I have to add my 2 cents after reading all this. 
Some fair comments, and one can't help but wonder at times if the fixes could come a lot faster.
But, let me assure you that the mix here is relatively complex....
1. Running mail servers professionally is complex and there are a lot of uncontrolled variables.
2. Running on a wide variety of server, domain, and network possibilities makes for a huge range of possible complexities that bring up errors that fixes that could never have reasonably been conceived.
3. Running support for any Microsoft products especially is always hard, and I am thinking here about outlook. They chop and change standards between versions, and across platforms (mac outlook vs windows outlook, vs iOS outlook, vs frigging versions of each.) It is really complex to support the one product called outlook when in reality it is about 20 products that has supported a huge range of standards and changes the way it handles things between service packs alone.
We run a range of email systems and servers, and by far the easiest to manage is smartermail. Support from the community is strong, (thanks Bruce) and threads like this are actually one of the best points about the product. If you want to see complex upgrade, then I dare you to manage an upgrade from Exchange 2013 to 2016! Having to re run an install because you did not read the clear text about deleting prior to upgrade is child's play compared to exchange. But yes... it could have been programmed in about 30 minutes into the installer.
That all being said. Smartermail should take the hint offered here. We previously had jumped on latest versions of smartermail, but in the last 2 years have slowed way down.... we will never run a beta, and will only run a major version update after 4-5 months. This was not the way in the past, but we just cannot afford to be a test dummy. Time is money!
Marc Frega Replied
April 11 at 8:18 AM
I run a single server 2TB of email and less than 2000 users of which 95% are using webmail.  I do not use the activesync so I cannot speak for that but Smartermail overall is rock solid. I always purchase the support agreements and they are also very responsive. I have been victim of particular bugs in the past and they address it immediately and either issue me a fix that was known or figure out whats wrong within 24 hours.
I do agree that there should be no need to uninstall EVER. Uninstalling to me is scary simply because in the past OTHER companies who were NOT as good as Smartertools used that as a catchall for why something is wrong with a software installation.

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