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Dell Inspiron 13 7347 Review

So in my last few posts, I’ve reviewed things like the Microsoft Band, the HP Stream 11 and, of course, my initial feelings about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. While many of my reviews have been somewhat critical of Microsoft and their direction, I hope you’ve seen that, in my heart, I really do want […]

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SmarterTrack 11.x BETA Now Live

We’re excited to announce the BETA of the next version of our popular helpdesk: SmarterTrack 11.x! With SmarterTrack 11.x, we focused on bringing two additions that have been heavily requested throughout the years: the ability to group all communication from a company/organization while also simplifying the initial setup and day-to-day administration of SmarterTrack. While we couldn’t incorporate everyone’s ideas, we prioritized the wants of our users and partners to create a new version of...

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Best Way to Bootcamp Windows on OSX

I’m taking a bit of a break from the Microsoft posts. Well, I’m sort of taking a break. In this post I want to demonstrate the best way to use Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro Retina to run Windows and OS X side-by-side. First off, a gripe. Apple, why wouldn’t you provide a simple process […]

Blogs by tuzzanti
The Microsoft Band Experience

If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts (see this, this or even this), I have been somewhat critical of Microsoft. Between the issues with Windows 8/8.1, what I’ve seen with the Technical Preview of Windows 10, problems with their re-branding of products and services, the consumer experiences I’ve had with the Microsoft Stores […]

Blogs by tuzzanti