Allow End-User to See All Company Tickets
Idea shared by Emanuele Tomasi - March 18, 2016 at 1:33 AM
Now, a end-user that want to see his tickets, log in the PORTAL and can see them correctly.
But I have the necessity to give to this end-user the possibility to see ALL TICKETS ABOUT HIS COMPANY (because there are other people that open tickets, in few words, the possibility to see tickets of more mail address), because he's the responsible.
Is this possible in the Smartertrack PORTAL ? 
I think that would be one thing to implement if there wasn't, because it is very very useful.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
March 18, 2016 at 10:54 AM
Employee Post
Hi Emanuele,
From what I understand, you're looking for a way to allow multiple end users within the same company to view their company's tickets in the Portal. Is this correct? 
At this time, this functionality isn't available from an end user perspective. As an agent, however, you have the ability to create Organizations wherein you group users by domain, phone number or website. You can then view all correspondence from the users within that organization. Find more information here: Users / Organizations Overview.
I agree that this functionality would be beneficial in SmarterTrack. Often times, we find that multiple employees of a company are working together to find a resolution to an issue. I can see the benefit of having a company account or ability to share tickets across a company. I'll go ahead and change this thread from a Question to a Proposed Idea in order to facilitate tracking on its implementation. I can't guarantee it will be added, but I do know this has been requested in the past and is something we've had discussions about here. 
In the meantime, something that may be a passable workaround is allowing the ticket list to be sent by email. The user who owns the account with the tickets can do this and forward the email among their coworkers. Anyone with the ticket links from the email will be able to view the ticket contents. 
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Emanuele Tomasi Replied
March 21, 2016 at 3:19 AM
Hi, If a ticket is made out to 2 email addresses (es. mario.rossi@test.it, smarte.track@test.it), both can see it in the portal?
Daniel Grotjan Replied
February 9 at 12:15 PM
Is there any update on if this may be implemented? We have considered SmarterTrack in the past and this is always a deal breaker for us.  We are considering evaluating new ticketing systems and I was hoping maybe this feature had been added.  We deal in B2B customers and have several customers that require this ability.  They have many employees submitting tickets for their company and have managers that need to be able to login and check the status of any ticket for the entire company at any time.  Sending an email list of tickets doesn't solve the problem for us.  We have used SmarterMail for about 13 years and I've always liked SmarterTrack and it's previous incarnations, but this has always been a sticking point.  
I don't know if you have a lot of requests from current customers for this, but there may be many more out there like us that don't use the software because of this issue.  I know we would've been using it for 10+ years if not for this hurdle.  There could be more lost sales out there that you are unaware of.  I hope you give it some consideration.

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