Seeing 'system.domain.admin@domain.com'
Question asked by CCWH - December 17, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Hello all,
I have just inherited another SM Server instance from a local hosting company which is going out of business.
One thing I have instantly noticed is that every domain has a Primary Domain Admin named 'system.domain.admin'.  Looking at the password it seems to be some kind of SID rather than a password.  Example Password - (a5208a10-5493-690f-b8df-d197a7da4490)
I have asked the old email admin and he said that admin was automatically created when the domain was created via their external hosting software (WebsitePanel).
These create admins (system.domain.admin) have never logged in and all require locking down or in my opinion removing.
Firstly, has anyone seen this before and secondly I am guessing as long as there is an admin for the email server I can remove these auto-generated accounts?
Thanks in advance.

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