SmarterMail 4.3.2957 Public BETA Released

A new Public BETA has begun for a minor release of SmarterMail 4 (4.3.2957). Changes and additions within this BETA include:

  • Changed: When downloading messages via POP Retrieval, SmarterMail will use the date that the original mail server received the message, rather than the date it was downloaded by SmarterMail.
  • Fixed: Daylight Savings was not properly taken into account for future appointments in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: The popup contacts list on the compose page will no longer cause a javascript error when the To: text box already contains addresses.
  • Fixed: When a spam check is selected for incoming blocking but not filtering, it will no longer be used to calculate the filtering score.
  • Much more....

A complete listing of the new features, improvements, and download information relating to the Public BETA is available in the SmarterTools forum.

Thank you for using SmarterTools products!