SmarterTrack 5.0.3813 Released

SmarterTools announces the release of SmarterTrack 5.0.3813. Highlights of the SmarterTrack 5.0.3813 release include:

  • ADDED: Added more information to the ticket lists in the mobile interface, such as idle time, assigned agent and group, number of messages, pinned status, and priority.
  • ADDED: Navigation buttons to help agents view multiple pages of ticket listings in the mobile interface.
  • ADDED: The knowledge base searches without results report now shows what folder a user searched in.
  • CHANGED: After transferring a ticket via the mobile interface, the ticket list page now loads and displays a message confirming that the ticket was transferred successfully.
  • CHANGED: Increased the size of the top bar of the mobile interface to improve usability for touch screen users.
  • And more...

A complete listing of the new features and improvements is available on the SmarterTrack Release Notes page.

To access this latest version, visit the SmarterTrack Download page.

If you have any questions about the SmarterTrack 5.0.3813 release, contact us at

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