SmarterStats 4.0.3476 Released

SmarterTools announces the release of SmarterStats 4.0.3476. Highlights of the SmarterStats 4.0.3476 release include:

  • ADDED: AddSite2, AddSiteWithFTP2 and UpdateSite2 Web service functions take the new TimeZoneIndex field introduced in a minor update to version 3. These replace the AddSite, AddSiteWithFTP and UpdateSite Web service functions that take the old TimeZoneID field.
  • CHANGED: Columns in query string-related data mining reports were renamed from "Visits" to "Page Views."
  • EFFICIENCY: The query for sites in the Manage/Sites page is faster.
  • FIXED: A site added through Web services did now displays the correct log file format in the Web interface settings.
  • FIXED: Active visit information now loads properly when going through a new log file processing session.
  • FIXED: All data mining reports now handle host header and IP inclusions/exclusions correctly.
  • And more...

A complete listing of the new features and improvements is available on the SmarterStats Release Notes page.

To access this latest version, visit the SmarterStats Download page.

If you have any questions about the SmarterStats 4.0.3476 release, contact us at

Thank you for using SmarterTools products!