SmarterMail 6.x BETA Now Available

SmarterTools is proud to announce the BETA release for SmarterMail 6.x. New features planned for SmarterMail 6.x include antispam enhancements, mailing lists, archiving, an add-on licensing system for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Commtouch Anti-Spam, and more. For a full list of planned features, visit the SmarterMail 6.x sneak preview page.

Unlike previous BETAs, the SmarterMail 6.x BETA will require a trial license key to operate. BETA license keys are set to expire on a fixed date, at which time the BETA will revert to the free edition of the SmarterMail software. Additional information is available in the SmarterMail 6.x BETA forum, where you will find instructions for participating in the BETA, release notes, and download information. New BETA versions of SmarterMail 6.x will be released periodically throughout the BETA period and information regarding these updates will be available in the forum.

BETA participants are also encouraged to provide feedback through this forum. (Potential bug reports should be posted with the subject of "[BUGS] - Type of bug" and suggestions should be posted with the subject of “[SUGGESTION] - Type of suggestion.")

Participation in the FREE BETA test is contingent upon acceptance of the SmarterTools End User License Agreement included with the software. For more information about SmarterTools’ BETA program, please refer to the BETA release FAQs.