SmarterTrack 3.5.3167 Released

SmarterTools announces the release of SmarterTrack 3.5.3167. Highlights of the SmarterTrack 3.5.3167 release include:

  • ADDED: Abandoned Chats Report added to Audit Reports.
  • ADDED: Toolbar button added to editor that allows hyperlinks to be unlinked.
  • ADDED: Web service function in svcTickets.asmx called "AddTicketNoteHtml" added that does not Html-Encode the input text, allowing for custom HTML blocks to be embedded in tickets.
  • FIXED: "Group By" no longer appeas as a subheading under reports that do not allow grouping.
  • FIXED: Database settings page now properly displays correct connection details if Security is set to "Integrated."
  • FIXED: Link Manager icon is now properly displayed on ticket reply editor.
  • FIXED: A System Admin who is also an agent can now be the target of a chat event action to invite visitor to chat.
  • FIXED: Whitespace trimming routine timing improved on certain message replies.

A complete listing of the new features and improvements is available in the SmarterTrack Release Notes page.

To access this latest version, visit the SmarterTrack Download page.

If you have any questions about the SmarterTrack 3.5.3167 release, contact us at:

Thanks for using SmarterTools products!