SmarterTrack 3.1.3089 Released

SmarterTools announces the release of SmarterTrack 3.1.3089. Highlights of this minor release include:

  • ADDED: Agents’ chat window displays a live preview of the customer’s message as it is being typed.
  • ADDED: Ability to mark certain custom fields to show up in agent interface or not.
  • ADDED: Support for running SmarterTrack in SWSoft's APS Environment.
  • ADDED: "Require visitors to pass CAPTCHA when registering" option added to Customer Portal settings.
  • ADDED: My Chats and My Tickets now include a Deleted view.
  • ADDED: My Tickets now includes a Spam view.
  • CHANGED: Forwarded emails to agents now contain a text/plain section for better rendering on mobile devices.
  • CHANGED: Undelete now changes ticket status to active, so it will reappear in agent's list.
  • Many more additions, enhancements, and improvements.

A complete listing of the new features and improvements relating to this release is available in the SmarterTrack 3.x Release Notes.

If you have any additional questions about the SmarterTrack 3.1.3089 Release, contact us at:

Thank you for using SmarterTools products!