Acceptable Payment Methods

What payment methods can I use to pay my invoice?
Preferred payment methods are credit card, company check, money order or cashier's check. SmarterTools also accepts payment via wire transfer.

How do I pay by credit card?
To fill a price quote using a credit card, log into the Price Quotes page of our website. To make a payment, select the price quote number and click Fill Quote. Submit your credit card information and confirm the order. You can also purchase directly from the website without a price quote. Click on the shopping cart icon to navigate to the Product Selection page.

How do I pay by check?
To pay an invoice using a company check, mail order, or cashier's check, simply mail the payment to:

SmarterTools Inc.
1903 W. Parkside Ln., Ste. #106
Phoenix, AZ 85027

How do I pay via wire transfer?
Because some banks utilize intermediary banks and/or charge additional fees to process a wire transfer, SmarterTools encourages customers to pay by check or credit card whenever possible. If you do choose to pay an invoice via wire transfer, it is very important that you confirm your bank's associated fees–including any potential intermediary bank fees–to ensure full payment is remitted to SmarterTools. For more information on making a payment via wire transfer, please contact the sales department by emailing During business hours you can also start a live chat or call at 877-357-6278 or 623-434-8050.