Add a Team Workspace to a Calendar Appointment in Webmail

When creating an calendar appointment, it's possible to have a Team Workspace created that can be used for audio/video conferencing. Adding an "online meeting" to your invitation is simple: simply use the "Create Online Meeting" toggle on the Options card. 

Once enabled, a new Team Workspace is created that uses the same title as the appointment's "Subject". And a link to the workspace is automatically added to the meeting's description, so you don't even need to copy/paste anything. You simply fill out the description as you normally would, and the link is added once the invitation is sent. (NOTE: You won't see the link when creating the appointment, but it will show up in the invitation sent to your attendees, and it will also appear in the event on your calendar.)

Team workspaces created as part of the meeting invitation follow the recurrence rules you set as well, so workspaces can be used once, or as part of a recurring event.